Even though initially, slot-machines were used to refer to vending machines, in the 20 century they are used primarily to refer to gambling devices. The working of the slot machines or the fruit machine as popularly known in Great Britain is rather simple. The machine is activated by inserting a coin and subsequently pulling a handle or by pushing a button after which will, in turn, bring three or more reels to fall into horizontal segments. These reels are demarcated by various symbols, including numbers, fruits, and stars etcetera. The payoff depends upon the number of symbols and how they lined up once the reels align when the machine comes to rest. This article tries to help the readers to pick a winning slot machine and win (almost) every time.


Not every slot machine gives the same payoffs. To make the most amount of money, the player should be aware of each slot’s Return to Player percentage or RTP percentage. “RTP is all the wagered money that a slot pays back to its player”. RTP percentage of a slot machine can be found online. It is usually found in the “help” or the “settings” of the machines.


Determination of the volatility or variance is a critical factor in the selection of the winning slot. The same can help in measuring the risk involved while playing a particular slot using real money and the chances of the player winning that slot. If the volatility of the slot is low, then, the chances of winning are high, but the payoffs are small. If the variance of the slot machine is high, then, the possibilities at winning are less, but the payoffs are significantly high.


The amount that you are willing to wager can decide the extent of your payoffs. Expecting to win a handsome amount by waging just a few dollars is illogical. In a nutshell, the amount one wagers is proportional to what one receives at the end of the game. Even though playing with real money is risky, if hit the jackpot, the amount received will surely make up for the anxiety experienced.


Unlike a game of poker, the slot machines can be won by trusting the fellow players. This is so because if the slot is not paying well or up to the mark, then all the players together can call it out. Reviews and ratings of the slot machines by the players before will give you a peek into what you expect from the machine by the end of your game.